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In need of an exceptional profile to handle your IT CIO/CTO role?

We will provide common sens, pragmatism, performance and optimisation, innovation and vision also.

WE are THE specialists and our senior guys are "la crème de la crème".



Easyfactory 4.0

Factories must move to the next generation, meaning to embrace digital transformation into their sites.


However digital may frighten sometimes, and we have worked (and still working) on a simple digital offer dedicated to factories : EasyFactory 4.0

Make you factory collaborative and easy going.


Transformation Management

Any organisation faces influencing factors that require it to change.

Our transformation management "savoir-faire" will take the pain out of you. It is not just a project, it is more about leadership and management of change.



We are fond of the world of information systems. We love them so much that we've been in this business since 1985 and no, we are not old fashion folks : the boss does wear Jordans.


Certainly the company DIG.IT has only existed since January 2018, but what composes it is much older.


We have practiced complex transitions and transformations of outsourcing contracts in Asia / Pacific, in Europe for data center migrations and global consolidation of M&A processes and systems; we worked on sunny beaches for 18 months in Mauritius to set up a 120 positions offshore BPO center; stimulated workplaces to get exitied about their new IT environment, invented innovation approaches using an ideation process, overturned internal service organisations to shiny governance, and much more. Loads of anecdotes we might share with you, so funny ones too.


However, don't get us wrong, the experience is one thing but what guides us is the constant questioning, both in terms of consumption and work behaviours as well as the technologies themselves.

THAT IS HOT -> We are a real consulting firm and like to find solutions, to be outside our comfort zone, everywhere and all the time. No BlaBla but results.

We have been (AND STILL ARE) in touch with Fujitsu, Total, L'Oréal, Schneider Electrics, Legrand; great local french factories and very cool startups too.



Results, only results matter

Who is it for ? Experience show us that our clients are 5000+ organisations and mainly IT / Technologies Services stakeholders. We do show great interest to manufacturing verticals too, meaning we have great motivation to help local industry actors. However, we do like to support startups from time to time if we get mutual interests.

Why do you need our services ? You know the solution, but not yet convice about the decision to make. Because you need an external point of view able to step back and providing you with a pragmatic/common sens approach/plan/solution.


What problem does we solve ?  We do NOT solve problem, you do as the decision maker. We DO provide you alternatives or new scenarios to reach your objectives, hence providing new opportunities.


How is it unique ? No other company has such a broad experiences within their people. No other consulting company has such strong beleif in : no blabla but results. We DO focus on outcomes, not selling days and days and days. Hard to believe ? Sometime truth is hard to accept.


How will it add value ? It will make you breath with fresh air, enabling your neuronal network to reroute positive energy to something else, your next priority we'd say.


Data Privacy

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