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"Life begins at the ends of your comfort zone"

Neal Donald Walsh

About our company

We love the world of information systems. We love them so much that we are in this field since 1985. Certainly the company (SAS) DIG.IT exists only since January 10, 2018, but what makes it is much older and experienced.

We performed the complex transitions and transformations of outsourcing contracts in Asia / Pacific, Europe for datacentre migrations and global consolidation of M & A processes and systems; we worked in the sun for 18 months in Mauritius to set up an off-shore center in BPO; invented innovation approaches using a process of ideation, transformed organizations and embellished their governance, and ...

However, do not misunderstand the experience is one thing but what guides us is the constant questioning, both in terms of consumption and work behaviors as the technologies themselves.


We are a real consulting firm and like to find solutions, to be outside our comfort zone, everywhere and all the time.