Sourcing, auditing & fixing

All long lasting IT services contract come to an "end" before the term, Sad story indeed. Well every story can get an happy end

(for buyer or seller)

Our long lasting track records make us confident : whichever side you are, there is 2 possible ends : stop or renew, but either way you must turn it into an enjoyable experience - think about about.

Last audit mission was with between 2 major organisations (>30 000 employees) and we've been hired as "facilitator". We audited the  IT services contracts, organisations, goals and expectations; found some obsur, fuzzy, nice and shiny pieces. We vlaued and fxed. 2 digits Millions € contact renewed with a smile on both faces (three actually)


Shift happens, we will address it.

You have a solution in mind, but you are not sure about it. You need to get confidence in it. That what consulting is about : giving you different data, point of views, dig into possible scenarii, show other ways to reach the target. How to take the shift.

We like to dig IT indeed.

our missions in most cases turns around transformation and next moves an organisation could take/make. Recent exemple was on a wokplace alternatives for a Future of Work and how IT could contribute to it.


Next Generation Workplace

Next big shift is managing your demanding people working around you and evolving consciousness. Our NGW model makes your people performing and happy, addressing the 4 gens and world expectations.

Dig.IT crew has designed NGW journey for CAC40 and large organisations, successful offerings and enjoyable projects too.

Management of Change

We do believe that any change must add value, and that added value must be demonstrated to the identified stakeholders. On top we are conviced exitation is all about. People must get exited about a change to embrace it, and when the next one is coming will sponsor it.

MoC is no option and requires energy, time and money.

Consider it as a critical succes factor and an investment.

IT and more widely workplace become so crucial in any organisation, that even a tiny change not well managed may impact a part of the organisation.


Change is not only A to B, it is designing a route, alterntive ways and shortcuts, fail plan too.

We have successful track records, and few failures too we have learnt from.

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