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Building innovation roadmap

The trust is renewed and Fujitsu again seeks Dig.IT, to intervene on the construction of a new innovative service offering around the cloud. This offer starts with an audit of the cloud services solutions subscribed by the customer and produces an optimization report on 3 axes: financial, security and optimization of operations. It extends to a recurring service for monitoring and optimizing cloud services.

Dig.IT has responsibility for the consistency of this offer, produce the documents and provide the adapted advice.


Transformation of Digital Workplace

Dig.IT takes the responsibility from a CAC40 company in the definition and execution of the digital workplace transformation plan. This transformation includes elements such as the virtual agent, but also vending machines, smartlockers, the evolution of service kiosks, the "End User Analytics", among others.


"Hawaii à La Baule "( is a premium ready-to-wear clothing start-up made in France. HALB wants to define its Hybrid Commerce strategy to offer customers a unique buying and tracking experience. Dig.IT accompanies HALB in a specific start-up package

After the study, the deployment

Total requested DIG.IT to perform a situation analysis of the digital workplace services. Dig.IT used its robust 3-step method: 1) to collect qualitative and quantitative information, 2) background work of analysis and 3) to write a detailed report with concrete recommendations.


Fixed fees model and executed within the contractual deadlines.

After the study, the deployment

Dig.IT was given a status study of a service contract with one of its customers. This audit is completed by a series of 15 recommendations formulated by Dig.IT. Fujitsu, in agreement with its client (CAC40) decided to entrust the deployment of its recommendations.

Dig.IT worked closely with the various operational, management and contract teams of both organizations to ensure a flexible deployment, understanding and transition..

E-commerce strategy

Jet Graphix is ​​specialized in the printing of advertising media of very large formats. DIG.IT accompanies Jet Graphix in the definition of its e-commerce platform and its implementation.


Fujitsu asked DIG.IT to perform a situation analysis of a major service contract. DIG.IT used a 3-step method: 1) to collect qualitative and quantitative information, 2) to work in the room and 3) to write a full report with detailed recommendations. All this, taking care to manage the different stakeholders both in the communication and in the expectations. Fixed-price assignment and executed within the contractual deadlines.

To the factory 4.0

Tiag Industries is a family PMI in the field of plastics located in Corrèze, and has more than a hundred employees. In order to support its ambitious growth plan, Tiag-Industries wanted to be accompanied in a transformation towards the 4.0 plant. Dig.IT has translated the growth strategy into a master plan, laid the groundwork for the transformation plan, created the 24-month business case, selected the various technological players and is currently supporting the testing phase. The transformation includes the total dematerialization of the operator workstation, the implementation of a communication and digital signage of production, the installation of tactile PDAC screens, the update of the ERP. The target is to deploy these solutions to all TIAG-Industries sites.