Bringing pragmatic solutions to tough

IT problems

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Shift happens, we will address it.

You have a solution in mind, but you are not sure about it. You need to get confidence in it. That what consulting is about : giving you different data, point of views, dig into possible scenarii, show other ways to reach the target. How to take the shift.

We like to dig IT indeed.

Our missions in most cases turns around transformation and next moves an organisation could take/make.


Recent credentials were on a workplace alternatives for a Future of Work and how IT could contribute to it, also strategic IT outsourcing contract renewal support.



Below, some concrete exemple of our IT consulting missions - we cannot disclose much as we are under NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) with all of our clients.


Fujitsu France - Act as a sparing partner on various management topicsBig Corporation (IT provider) - Assisting a major IT services contract renewal



CAC40 -Built a workplace innovation roadmap study

TOTAL TGITS - Ran services and organisational auditsCAC40 -

Held a Digital workplace transformation director position

Hawaï à La Baule (Fashion startup) - Designed digital workplace and e-shop business case and build plan

CAC40 - Conducted persona approach for next generation workplace

Fujitsu France - Conducted major outsourcing contract audit and improvements plan
Fujitsu France - Designed a workplace innovation roadmap study
Tiag Industries - Built Industry 4.0 business case and roadmap