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Restore the taste of industry and innovation.

France is a country of inventors, pioneers, entrepreneurs, captains of industry

DIG.IT has a clear vision of the industry's path to 4.0 transformation through its experience in industrial production, its mastery of digital technologies and its agile consulting / project management methodology.


Easy factory 4.0 © SAS

The industry is a fascinating activity and its noble resources. After years spent in the world of industry, our observations lead us to propose a complete, easy, configurable, scalable and mastered solution to allow PMIs and ETIs to digitally connect the means of production, not only to the business system ( CRM / ERP) but also between them.


This solution allows:

  • to dematerialise the operator station

  • to inform the local environment of the status and production action

  • to provide a multi-level alert system

  • to provide reliable dashboards

  • to offer a collaborative space to operational teams (production, methods and quality)

Hydrolic and fossil energies Mechanical production Steam machine

Electric energy Mass production Work at the chain

Use of electronics and computers Automated production

Industrial Internet Modeling software Virtual design Intelligent industry


4th Révolution

The Easy Factory 4.0 © offer allows us to offer an end-to-end support offer to PMIs and ETIs to position themselves in a 4.0 evolution trajectory without compromising the production tool.


The challenge is not to economically suffocate the SMIs / ETIs, and to develop a digital environment around production according to the means by including: 

  • the management of skills, resources and knowledge

  • industrial and operational risk analysis and management

  • collection and analysis of internal and external data

  • digital interaction with users, operators, suppliers, customers and contractors

  • data security and intellectual property

  • the continuous improvement loop.

This is made possible by collaborating: you are the expert of your profession, and we of ours.


Working hand-in-hand, we will establish a needs analysis, an architecture document, a roadmap, an economic and deployment plan, the development of the prototype and the deployment of the solution, the recipe documents.

A nation without industry is a nation that condemns itself to decline. Our growth, our jobs, our social model depend on our ability to straighten out our industry and build a more productive, greener, more digital society, a society in which to feed, move, shelter, warm, heal, to be informed, to produce will not look like today. This company is the face of the new industrial France.

Extract from the White Paper of the new industrial France.

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