• Xavier

Come down.

Because of #FYC19, air quality seems having improved like never before in such a short amount of time. That seems to be a good thing. That demonstrates air pollution can be improved fast ans very easily : shutting down almost all industries worldwide. Man, that is COOL- PULL the LEVER DOWN to the OFF position and we are safe.

That looks cool but it is NOT. Not considering the damages this causes to the ECONOMIC and SOCIAL aspects would be foolish. Taking only the ecological part into account of our society is destructive, and too often we just are ignoring the two others. The current situation gives us a very nice perspective from an environment P.O.V. and that MUST remain a target because it is possible.

The plan is now to learn from this PILOT, including the rest of the environment (air is not the only thing to protect : water, grounds, forests, seas, people etc.) with our social and economical wonders.

Photo by David Brooke Martin

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