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Transformation success is about excitation

Hereafter tiny extracts of how Dig.IT has made a big corporation excited about transformation, putting the organisation into "positive volts", because it is not about technology one and only, it is about how you make your transformation exiting for the whole lot.

Forcing open doors, but still good to keep in mind :

An organisation is in constant reinvention and it may feel difficult to keeping up the correct pace and remain being competitive.Many external factors are perpetually throwing stones on the growth road : pricing and margins pressures, new talents acquisition, new competitors, extended work life alongside with balanced work style, new technologies, fast market pace, new expectations from hybrid workforces etc.

Therefore, at Dig.IT we have retained 7 trends we do support the evolution and have divided those 7 into 2 spaces :

  1. Behavior oriented : 5 generations scheme at the same place, employee hearth beat check, data trust and fighting fakes, multi workplaces behavior

  2. Technology oriented : voice driven search, more Cloud apps, AI (for Curation)

There are many solutions to addressing the above trends match employees needs, organisation culture, make a better place to work for people and being more competitive.

However, one thing not to forget is to make it sounds and reasonable to be assimilated through the entire company and keep in mind this cannot be a one shot program, this is a journey with a storytelling within and adherence to it.

Doing it too fast or not properly managed may lead to asphyxia. Back to the behavior trends earlier in the document, this is not a one fits all approach; each solution is to be customized to develop culture, make individuals voices, capture needs, make effectiveness and productivity a must, etc.

A persona approach is one to be recommended to start with alongside a flexible transformation project management and, on top, focus on generating excitation. Because you must know who you are dealing with.

Stories, changes, transformations are embraced if it is exciting, a mix between fear and curiosity.

Want to know more :

Thanks for reading me.

Xavier Petit-Jean-Boret - founder and partner -

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